Students at Express Cuts Barber School will learn all skills needed to obtain a license as a Professional Barber. The Curriculum includes:

Total 1500 Hours

Hygiene and Good Grooming 45  Hours

Professional Ethics 30  Hours

Bacteriology, Sterilization and Sanitation 35  Hours

Implements   8  Hours

Shaving 10  Hours

Men’s Haircutting            450  Hours

Cutting and Styling Curly and Over/ Hair Structure

Special Problems and methods 150  Hours

Mustaches and Beards  15  Hours

Shampooing and Rinsing Methods  50  Hours

Hair and Scalp Treatment  35  Hours

Facial treatment  15  Hours

Razor Haircutting   45 Hours

Air Waving and Curling   50 Hours

Permanent Waving 150 Hours

Men’s Hairpiece   25 Hours

Disorders of the Skin, Scalp and Hair   35 Hours

Anatomy and Physiology   10 Hours

Shop Management   35 Hours

Retailing   35 Hours

Licensing Laws     5 Hours

History of Barbering     5 Hours

Orientation and Introduction of School Staff and Policy     5 Hours

Honing and Stropping     8 Hours

Chemical Hair Relaxing   40 Hours

Hair Coloring   90 Hours

Chemistry   90 Hours

Electricity and Light Therapy- usage and precautions     5 Hours

Testing   24 Hours